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Jezizzz. The place is packed.

I forgot that all the school-aged brats would be piled in. There's a ton of them.

Let's see:

A couple of dudes working on their resumes.

Three chicas doing the IM from one machine.

Creepy assed Brad, slobbering on a web cam of some chick.

(You know, from where I sit, most porn looks like those pictures of the aliens in "Repo Man")

Damn... People are sooo dumb...

Guy.:Yeah, I'm here for my computer

Me: ok, what's your name?

Guy: Foey Jranklin

Me: (checks list) I don't see your name.

Guy: I didn't give it to him.

Me: You have to give us your name to make a reservation

Guy: yeah, when is gonna be back, is he off for the day?

Me: No, he's on break, but he didn't sign you up.

Guy: (Getting Shitty) I know, I just thought he might have made a notation or something.

Me: A notation would have been your name written down in this reservation book. (Points to page with no notation for Foey Jranklin)

Guy ( stands...huffs)

lord deliver me from the banal evil of the teeming masses yearning to get online.

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