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This fucking dump....

I hate it. Every stinking light is on and it feels like a waiting room in a low rent abortion clinic.

Hell has carpet and flourecent lights.

Oh, yeah, and lots of dumb people, not that being dumb is a venal sin, just being dumb around me. OK, that sounded arrogant. How about, being an ignorant jerk is a venal sin and by jerk I mean getting shitty when I'm helping someone else. There's this woman on a wordprocessing computer who is acting like a complete bitch because I wouldn't leap up from where I was helping another patron who was formatting a resume by hand. Gads.

If I had such a wretched curly perm and a penchant for leopard print, I would try to be a little less abrasive. Really. Yeah, the irritating, fart noise making idiot just had to leave because his time was up.

SO, the hand formating resume typer is happy. Another service industy job well done. It is so rare to get a thank you. I mean, getting paid is my reward but every now and then it's nice to be told "Thanks". I usually just wind up feeling completely wrung out and drone-like at the end of the day.

Ewww, there's this skanky looking hunk of white trash surfing really vanilla porn.

Miss Bad perm is printing a document about dentistry and she's misspelled "Procedure", "Fillings" and "Circumference", all in one paragraph.

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