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Why...Why me?

So, I was sitting at the desk and two security guards walk in and tell me they want to look at the computer some guy was sitting on after he leaves. The guy in question was a skanky looking hunk of white trash, but in no way remarkable from the other skanky pieces of white trash that throng this place.

I say ok, they go away. This guy was scheduled for 2 hours but I wanted to know what was going on so I told him his time was up. He got up and left. The security guards were all huddled around the outside of the door.

They came in and sat down at the computer for a while. Then one asked me to help them see what was in the history. I went over and opened up a couple of links, they were to Yahoo group sites.

It seems this guy was recently paroled from prison for felony child molestation and some of the other librarians suspected him of cruising porn on the library's internet computers.

The first picture that came up were pretty innocent. Little girls on a play ground, little girls spinning batons. The kind of stuff that people have in their photo albums.

Things started to get creepier the more I dug. A shot of a girl in her underwear, on a frilly bed. A girl climbing up a ladder with her skirt blowing up.

The guards were getting frustrated because this really wasn't anything that was bustable. The fact that a child molester was looking at the collection of them made me sick, but what do you do?

Then I clicked on a link that brought up a picture of a little girl, naked to the waist, wearing a lot of make up.

That was enough to send the guards scampering off to find him, but while they were all checking out the kidde porn, this guy had calmly walked out of the library.

I printed off a copy of the naked girl and took it downstairs to the security office. I told one of them that I had surfed over to our state's molester registry and this guy was all over it like a rash.He had a record a mile long and perhaps this little incident was a parole violation?

So, the guards called the department of corrections and the guy was nabbed by the cops and charged with 6 counts of felony possesion of child pornography.

When the cops caught him he supposedly yelled "Stop persecuting me!"

I don't want to write about this place anymore. So I'm not. This is my last entry. In a few months I'm going to shut the site down. I've had it with seeing only bad in people. It's twisting the way I feel about humanity into a very ugly shape. Good bye.

P.S. I'm haunted by a picture I saw. It was a little girl, probably about 5 or 6. She was smiling at the camera and holding her infant sister. You could see the little girls bare thighs and underwear because her skirt had been caught up by the baby's blanket. The fact that some man was looking at this picture and getting off kills me.

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