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New volunteer! yayyyyyyy

Yep, my butt has been saved by the big NV. I thought I was going to have to toil all morning long but Noooooo. NV showed up and casually asked if he could take my time! Yeah!

Shit has been rather fucked here in the Computer Center. It seems Night Guy has been flying off the handle and calling security for just about anything. I guess he pissed off the wrong mouth breathing psyco because now the Manager (heretofore known as "the MAN" is saying we all need to take up some of NG's hours so lil NG doesn't get grumpy. I say that's smells because NG was hired to work the night shift in the CC.

My co-horts are seething because they both started here working NG's shift and moved up to better jobs when they opened up. (uhhh, the jobs opened, not the co-horts, this is a library Not a strip club!) When the CH's had a bad day, nobody rushed in and made the rest of us work harder. Nope, they had to suck it up service industry style.

So, I'm a little pissed at the spinelessness of the MAN, yo. What I fear is the NG will become my responsibility and I can bearly keep my own shit together.

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