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Venting of the spleen, venting of the spleen.

OK..... SO, this woman is calling me over, all concerned like, saying her machine is all messed up. It's obvious that she doesn't know what's happening cuz she's just sitting there shaking the mouse.

OK, She's got a floppy inserted into the machine. I asked her if she saved before sending a print request, "NO?", I wanted to scream:

"What the Fuck? You have a floppy in the drive and yet you still refuse to save and now the computer is locked up and all your hard work will be lost?"

"Give Me That!" I snatch any resume notes scattered about and write:


in big red letters.

I understand, things get tough, I don't like playing lil miss I told you so. Especially to a bunch of people who are too dumb to benefit from a little finger wagging. If finger wagging worked on them, they wouldn't be in the public computer center desperately trying to print a letter to their parole officer, a letter rife with the most painfully obvious spelling errors.

too little, too late. The network is acting up. People are starting to bitch. It's getting ugly, Damn, I've got 2 and a half more hours until I can leave this dump, get a 12er of high life and go celebrate the new year. Oh, Boy.

So, this guy comes in and he gets on his computer and then starts to move over...awww, shit. There are just no words to relate the basic stupidity of people. I give up.

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